Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I like your wood

Lately I have been thinking about my blasé attitude towards sunglasses - I don't care for big brands, fashionable styles or whatever else goes into the selection and self expression process for shades. I guess the important part is protecting my eyes, right?. That's it. 

So I discovered the trick to get me excited  - Wooden sunglasses!

Wood is one of those things that with anything created using it will be as unique as a fingerprint.
In wood you can see a lifetime of stories. It's just beautiful.

Three brands, two international and one local - all in the craft and art of making wooden sunglass frames. Very awesome. Very very.

SHWOOD - http://www.shwoodshop.com/

Started as an experiment with nature, or as they call in - "a curios endeavour" - either way, they make beautiful eyewear. Starting price - about $175

PROOF http://iwantproof.com

Proof sunnies I saw at The Space in Rosebank recently retailing around the R1500 mark. Really beautiful cases too.

Online purchase price starts around $90 mark.

Finally, our very own, from Cape Town, South Africa

HOUT COUTURE http://www.houtcouture.com/
Love the clever name association - Hout is Afrikaans for wood.
Locally created, with a plant a tree programme in place for every pair sold.
I believe they are available at MEMEME stores both in Cape Town (Long Street) and Johannesburg (Parkhurst).

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