Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can we say NO to the mantyhose

No, no,  no

Images via Style Pantry
I need to employ (in your imagination as you read this) the Old Spice Man voice:

Is your man a man?
Is your man a man in pantyhose (or Mantyhose)

Why oh why would this happen?
First it was girls wearing leggings as pants. Now we're going to allow manythose?

I say we march! :-)
Million man march (not wearing leggings as pants) against mantyhose

Not as it seems - illustration

I really love those double meaning images. When you see the face of a young woman, then if you look long enough you also see an older woman in the same images

Scooped these two from my awesome friend Simiato's BBM profile. 

See the Lion in the Hand?

See the woman walking in the city, in the face

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Flyover Show - 31 March - Soweto

Turns out my girl Tumelo of MixedTapeDiaries and I are in sync with the Flyover show sentiment.

So I'm just gonna show you what she said, and nod amen a hundred times.

I must add: BE THERE

It's been decided

Last night I had a dream in which an acquaintance was asking me a difficult question about a situation stroke escapade stroke fling stroke something something nyana with a cute something.

In the dream, while walking through the short lived encounter, instead of feeling anxious about my feelings, I was calm and at peace as I answered - The necessary occurred. (Isn't that from a song?) It made me feel like there was resolve to everything.

So It's been decided

The answer to everything will be "The necessary occurred"
The question to everything will be "Did / will / can the necessary occur?"
The reason for everything will be "For the necessary to occur"

Does that not just make sense of the world?
It made sense to me. And still does.

So it's been decided.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lost Accessories - PLEASE HELP

I've lost or misplaced some of my favourite accessories and don't know where or how to replace them. PLEASE HELP
See the cute button
It was a wooden comb, on a wooden heart, on red and white ribbon
By Hello Fox. Spoke to Angie, and she said they don't make them any more because they can't find the little combs. PLEASE HELP!
Forget the piano
See the earring
It was kind of bamboo looking, grassy feel greeny brown
Know anyone who can make it?

The chain.
Had plastic chain looking part with other chain
You get it?

The old R5 notes - bottom right
The Mary (Jesus' mother) on the second row
The old school safety pin, as indicated below

Any leads would be greatly appreciated

Twas my birthday: 26 March

shoddy camera quality : (
Yesterday I turned 27. eeeek

The day was spent at the office and meeting clients, all in a day's work of what I call the superhero mission of saving the world from bad ads, one day at a time. I didn't mind working on my birthday, because it turns out I quite like my job.

I wore a pretty blue dress (sorry no picture), I had a bounce in my step, I thanked people for their sweet twitter, facebook, email, text, bbm and calls wishing me a special day and saying warm fuzzy things about me being awesome to them, and even though I'd woken up wanting my birthday to be over and done with I warmed to the idea of enjoying the one day the world acknowledges your right the let it thank you for existing.

Later in the evening my friends treated me to their wonderful company over drinks at The Attic, which was all quite lovely and I got to hear some great news of the happenings in everyone's lives and how much 2012 has been showering their lives with blessings. It's so great sharing in happiness. Well deserved.

I hope 27 will be a game changer year. I feel something. Not sure what it is yet. The kind of discintent that creates great things.

Anywhoo. The picture has little and a lot to do with my birthday. For one, that skirt belonged to my mother and we were talking about this picture last night for reasons I can't divulge yet. It was special.

I drove home wailing my eyes out because I was bursting with joy from the love I felt.

All was copacetic with my world. I do wish I had a delicious boy to make out with though. Maybe next year.

Thankful to be alive, now to make sure I live while I am alive.

Pretty shit on Tumblr

I was helping a friend look for pretty shit and ideas for homing his house some months back, and I came across these pictures on Tumblr. I'd spent hours upon hours looking at beautiful images, and housey ideas, then (as one does) got lost in the interwebs and found these amazing pictures.  Unfortunately I can't remember the exact links but thought I should share some of them.

They made me smile today.
Isn't he beautiful


Cute and creepy, and somewhat obvious, but nice to look at. 

I wish I knew where I found this

Fucken awesome

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Joburg driver Part 1

Dear Joburg Drivers

Let's have a quick chat.
I'm gravely concerned you are an angry bunch and you carry that toxic negativity from the road to your family or your colleagues, and sometimes you keep that rage on the road and get people hurt.
It's not working. Really, it's not.

If you accepted certain things; I promise you, life might seem a little brighter.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about me:
I love traffic. It is the time that I use to think, process my heart and mind, plan my next steps, think about what's for dinner, what's my excuse for being late (which I almost always am), plan my preamble for a presentation, write briefs in my head, talk myself through a difficult call I'll make, day dream about my next holiday, and all the other warm and fuzzy stuff.
Obviously I've mastered this enough not to be distracted on the road...
I also watch other people in their cars,  make up stories or conversations they may be having, I try and block out the image of the guy picking his nose in earnest, I look at how dirty or clean cars are, imagine what the blonde in her Mini is singing along to.
All this is done in the silence of my 1995 Honda Ballade; a gracious gift from my father a few years ago.
Bokomo, as I call her, is on her last year alive, and I love being in her. I even love how she makes sounds that I can no longer guess, I love that the radio stopped working (I input the wrong security code a few too many times), the drivers side window doesn't open, which totally helps with the robot hawkers, I love that she has my whole life somewhere in her - from books to shoes, five different types of lipgloss, moisturisers, glasses, sunglasses (most of which don't belong to me) and most recently I have cushions and posters in the boot. Anywhoo. The point is, me and Bokomo have a great time together, even when she freaks me out by sometimes deciding not to move in the middle of the highway, we have amazing conversations about the crazies we see on the road.

Here are some of the things we've noted and want to give you, dear Joburg driver, a talking to about

On being late:
Leave a little earlier. There's almost nowhere in Joburg that doesn't require you to be in the car for less than thirty minutes to get to. So, by the time you get into your vehicle, you know whether or not you'll make it. So stop getting angry at the the old lady in front of you who decided to stop at an amber traffic light, that extra minute isn't going to make a whole lot of difference in your state of being late. Leave a little or a lot earlier, and you'll have time to put on your lipstick, or check if your gel plastered hair is at the right angle when you get to your destination.
And on that note, can you stop eating your cereal, putting on your make up or getting dressed while you're driving, It's really creepy looking into my rear view mirror and wondering if you can see that I've stopped.

On accidents:
There are two things here. One, they happen, for whatever reason (and you may be part of the cause) they will happen. For as long as you drive like a lunatic, go through red lights, show no courtesy, get aggressive, be selfish and inconsiderate, accidents will happen. They will happen because someone was distracted, because someone was going too fast, because someone's break lights weren't working, because the road was a little slippery, for many unknown reasons, accidents will happen. There is no need to rubber neck and slow the rest of traffic down because of your curiosity and tut tut head-shaking, because before you know it, you'll have bumped into the guy in front of you and look, there's another lane closed.
The other thing about accidents, avoid them. Avoid them by being courteous and using basic skills at traffic circles, and four way stops at yields, everywhere. Be courteous. Avoid them by accepting that you will be late. Avoid them by calming the fuck down.

On Taxi's
Oh my dear Joburg driver, the sooner you accept that you are merely loaning a stretch of road from taxi's, your life will be so much simpler. It is their road. You are nothing in your Maserati or beetle bug but someone in their way. Accept that the driver of the taxi may just stop in front of you and force you to either wait or change lanes. You hooting is not going to change this. Your fantastically colourful vocabulary is not going to change this. the gesticulating and saliva slinging profanity is not going to change this. Taxi's own the road, and you mere mortal are nothing but a tax payer borrowing a few metres at a time. Get over it. And sometimes, more often than not, there's someone in that taxi who does not know where they are going and has forced the driver (who is the kind of customer service focused person we all need) to pull some rather impressive Fast and Furious moves to please said customer.
Yes, yes, You're trying to get to work, but that driver's working; getting other people to work too. Or to the manicurist or to lunch, or whatever.

Okay, so maybe the 'calm the fuck down' approach isn't working.
Let's look at it differently shall we?
A taxi with about 14 or 15 passengers has just pushed in front of you. No, it's not the end of the world. Imagine for a moment that each one of those people were in separate cars, each one of them in front of you. Not getting to where you're going any time soon are you?

Let's look at it another way
How is your colleague, your house keeper, the lady at the till point at your Woolies, your next door neighbour's kid, your kid's teacher, your absolutely everyone meant to get to work? By taxi, that's how.
Where is said taxi supposed to pick that person up - on the street. Where is that taxi supposed to drop them off? Short left, after robot, short right. That's where.
Does this make you unhappy? Well then you should write to your municipality to build a taxi stop every 100 meters or so. Problem solved. Now the nurse from Milpark hospital gets to get off the taxi, at a taxi stop that's not km's away from her home, and she doesn't have to walk in the dark alone for a long unsafe time. Now you don't have to have a temper tantrum because the taxi will have somewhere, out of your way, to stop.

Dear Joburg driver
Calm the fuck down
It is what it is. It doesn't have to ruin your day.
Sorry that you don't have a mountain or an ocean to look at while you're stuck behind the old man in a renault that's older than your house, and rolling back, but you do have the greenest skyline, and through those trees, sometimes you get a glimpse of Ponte towers, Sandton city or even the painfully brilliant sun set only Joburg offers.

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice -- and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding. 

This is Chimamanda Adichie. My absolute favourite author.
I've read three of her books; Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun (a must read) and The Thing Around Your Neck.
She tells stories like no other other writer I've come across, sincere, visually and emotionally intense in her words, and allows your mind to wander, question and makes your heart stop at the most unexpected moments on the journey.

This TED video is particularly important in life and the way we see ourselves, our culture, our people and our surroundings and how what we are exposed to can become a certain prison of the imagination.

Must watch.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The perfect evening

Found on le web
I see this kind of set up in my future.
Would have been perfect for my birthday, but we're ignoring it this year.

Friends, balmy summer evening, cushions, punch, popcorn, tree lights, stillness, perfection.

Soon my heart, soon...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An idea or an Aha moment

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere.” – Cobb, Inception

I was kept awake last night by an idea that got hold of me and hasn't let go
I woke up awakened by the formation of an aha moment brought to life by that idea

Now the difficult part
After I get over the high of the idea and the excitement of its possibility
The real work starts - making it happen and believing in it through all the obstacles that may come

I will become a slave to this vision.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Black woman; you are beautiful

In case no one said it today; black woman you are wonderful, beautiful, etheric, copacetic. You are the reason, the answer and the question. Black woman you are mother of the earth, the heavens and everything in between. Black woman, nothing exists or survives without you. Black woman, raise your fist to the sky because the power you hold within yourself is second to none. Black woman, you outshine the moon and heed her majestic call. Black woman, your flame cannot be extinguished. Black woman, you are light the bathes the path, you are the darkness that challenges. Black woman you are the beat of my heart.

Black woman I am honoured to be you.

Source: J Quazi King via African Digital Art

Source: J Quazi King via African Digital Art 
Source: Daughters of Dilla

Thought into Action

Obviously in need of inspiration...

via web

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The hair today

Not sure how long it will last

Tried some thing new


At the weekend

Been having such lovely weekends lately, and I realise I'm not taking the time to capture even a single moment of precious memories. So I'm trying...

This past weekend was one of those lovely ones

Started off with a rested Friday night catching up on my reading
Saturday spent a few hours at the gorgeous Life Day spa getting much deserved relaxation, sipped some delicious cocktails at Absolut Blank party at Nelson Mandela Bridge annex, then finally ogled some dapper young men at the Tux Party. Sunday laughed and drank and ate (and made too much noise for the neighbours to handle) at Simone's new place with some lovely company.

I'm going to record these moments more often so I can look back and remember.
Saturday - Absolut Blank with Thami and Simone
Tux Party with Tebogo. (sad I can never wear this skirt again)
Sunday session

Monday, March 5, 2012

At sea

You know that feeling of weightlessness, when your feet don't completely feel like they are hitting the ground, when the air feels heavier than you are, that feeling of something being just within reach, but not quite.
It's an incredibly disturbing feeling.
I feel like I'm floating in a vacuum, and the most tangible thing is the feeling.

I am at sea.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday Month Challenge #1 - Love

I don't have New Years resolutions because I rather choose March, my birthday month, as my month of betterment. So this year I've decided on a few things that I will do this month and continue doing as part of a self improvement lifestyle.

The first of the many challenges / resolutions:
To tell the people I love that I love and appreciate them.

Long list of people, but I realised that I love them all  for different reasons and they are a beautiful part of my life. It also helps weed out dead weight, by questioning my association with unnecessary or casuals who add nothing to my being and whom I can live without.

It's refreshing and frightening.


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