Monday, May 30, 2011


Memories of stylish and cute pre-school graduation.
This image makes me miss my mom because I imagine going through all my old pictures, listening to stories of my young adventures and laughing with her over a glass of pinotage.
I don't really remember this day, but I do remember her being there.


sign inside the bassline in newtown

Friday, May 27, 2011

I love my ankara print heels

When my friend Gugu sent me the pic of these shoes in march, I knew I had to have them.
They are from Aldo, but not sold in South Africa.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love almost anything with an African print (or an interesting print) - so this was an easy call. Mind you, I haven't worn elevated shoes in years!

** update 30/05/2011: aldo in south africa now carries the shoes. love them**

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You make life beautiful...

Life seems a little more complete with you in it
My soul feels a little more fulfilled because of you
Everything tastes better, colours are brighter, beauty is personified in you and your craft

Thank you for sharing a piece of you, all of you, completing me by living your dream.

Your music is my life

Esperanza Spalding (Source)

Zaki Ibrahim (Source)

Can you tell I'm a stan...

Ogilvy Music Awards

If you missed the South African Music Awards shenanigans this past week, I envy the cave you live in... anyway, outside of honouring our countries great musos - the production wasn't up to scratch. The live performances, which were televised, were brilliant however and again entrenched the notion that South Africans are fucking awesome!!

Moving along though. Ogilvy will be throwing our very own music awards this Friday. Red carpert, live performances [read: alcohol induced karaoke] and all here at the agency on Friday. I'm incredibly excited about it and I need to calm down about it because my excitement is for all the wrong reasons - or the right ones, depending on how you see life and debauchery...

So. Overworked Ad people + Copious amounts of alcohol + the end of a long week + Ridiculous Karaoke + glitter ball + red carpet = what more could a girl ask for?

See some of the posters around the agency....

That's our MD right there...

Know anyone who might wanna MC our outrageousness? We all know Ogilvy throws a good party....

Friday, May 20, 2011

To save myself from death by Dawn...

Dawn - remember that wonderful friend I went to Botswana with?

Yeah? Okay. Well her first to me this morning was so sweet. Not to say good morning, nope. Not to check how my evening was, nope. Instead, my darling Dawn to tell me there I have incorrect information on my blog...

So, so save my throat (or forehead) and my life, I will correct THIS blog post and give credit where it due...

Old (lost or chewed) and New

*Mic in hand* - Dawnie baby, This one's for you.

Thank you for buying me the famous Chappies bubblegum earrings, which have since been remade (and chewed) and inspired me to make more using the newest Chappies flavour... Candy Floss.
Candy Floss - makes your tongue blue
 Hello Friday

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giddy over a paper cut

It happened...
My first paper cut
It hurt like hell, the blood was shocking, but I was so happy to have finally experienced it.
(Doesn't read like I'm talking about a paper cut hey?)

It's a celebrashin!

Happy Birthday Anizi

Hostess with mostess is celebrating her day of birth, again. And of course, as Ani does, it'll be a rockstar party.

Now Anele - the Audi A1 Ambassador, 5fm Dope Jockey, Destiny Mag cover girl, witty and spectacular TV presenter, twitterholic, ribs and sushi loving,  all round fabulous and gorgeous lady with a heart of gold  - will be partying it up with us all at Mam' Ruby aka Capello Lonehill tonight to celebrate her day (and night).
A special element to her turning twenty -heaven, she's collaborated with Cheesekids (as she is a Super-Cheesekids ambassador) and asked that in leiu of gifts etc we bring blankets which will be donated to those in need.

So after that mouthful (typeful / fingerful) - I hope to see you and your blanky tonight....

A boy met a girl...

One day, on a balmy evening, in the bustling city of New York, in the subway, amongst many people going about their day, a boy met a girl

They chatted for a little while, he was mesmerised, she was charmed and before he could get her details or actually muster up the courage to ask her out, the train stopped at her station, she stepped off and disappeared into the crowd of commuters...

His heart pumping in his chest, jaw ajar, he knew he had to see her again... So what did he do? In a city of millions of people? He went online and asked the digital world to help him find this girl in the real world....

As fate would have it, he found her....

Now tell me you didn't swoon?

* Obviously I made up some of the details. Creative expression or whatever they call it.*

Vanity is the new black

Oldie but goodie...

Once upon a time, I did a shoot for Studio83 (The lifestyle magazine) themed "The Traveling Issue"
Why? - to answer that - you should download the magazine here...

Anywhoo - since I never posted the images of final product, here they are.

Photographers: Judd van Rensburg, Daz Tak  
Art Director: George Gladwin Matsheke  
Stylist: Mpumi Ntintili-Sinxoto 
Make-Up: Diana
Model: Akona Ndungane

I heart Market on Main

A few Sundays ago, my beautiful friends, Dawn, Natalie and I spent a lovely Sunday morning at the Market on Main in town. We had spent the Saturday evening out in the bush in the Hartebeespoort area, braaing, listening to beautiful music, watching the stars while lying in sleeping bags next to a warm fire. We woke up with sun and relaxed, on our way back to Johannesburg we decided that breakfast at Arts on Main would be the perfect way to start our Sunday, and so off we went.

I'm so very glad we did it, because the Market on Main Sundays are just blissful. Delicious food, pretty people, ahmazing Ethiopian coffee and refreshing cocktails, exquisite clothes and a pleasurable sensory experience.

Miss Nats and Dawn Penny

I have to admit, as pretty as we are, we were camping dirty

Rooftop bar

Vintage car that I love staring at

Gorgeous lady who serves the Ethiopian Coffee

All together now - "AHMAZING"

Cocktail stand

I died and went to heaven for these lindt infused cupcakes

Clothing stalls

The all amazing Maria McCloy at her stall

my babies

Go visit

Monday, May 16, 2011


Discovered *not quite* this cute picture of Thithi and Tebz on Saturday and just had to capture it...

It is a huge poster at FNB in Cresta and has copy along the lines of "the story of how you met is so much better" or something like that. I'm not to sure how it fits into FNB or what the campaign is about, but does that really matter when you see such a sweet picture of real love birds (My information may be outdated, so don't hold me to it)

Not sure what the skaftin is about though

Mind you, I almost got into trouble for snapping this ad at the bank; luckily for me the lady behind the counter, who was about to give me tongue lashing, loved the way I speak isiXhosa. Yay. Gave her a quick lesson and she forgave the little indiscretion...


My own strength surprises and comforts me.

I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped me to this woman I am and becoming on a daily basis. I am thankful for my support system found in family, friends, life and my God.
I don't know where I am going with the decisions I feel so strongly about, however I do know I'm on the right path for myself.

Happy to walk, happy to live and happy to keep getting better

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Botswana Moola...


On the recent trip to Botswana I found myself most fascinated with their money
It is really quite beautiful. The coins look much like British and Indian coins, the notes however, have a little story to tell.

How puurrrttyyy....

Friday, May 6, 2011

That crazy thing called love...

I am officially driving myself crazy!
This morning I came to a realisation that I need to stop harping on about wanting to fall in love lest the universe just brings someone along to shut me up and I end up falling for an undeserving idiot. To quote myself "When the time is right, he will be right"


I really want to be in love. Really really. 

What is so wrong with wanting to be with someone who knows what each of my smiles mean? Someone to laugh with. Someone who will be that first call in the morning, the last call in the evening. Someone to challenge my thinking, someone who will learn something from me, someone to learn, someone to like, someone to one day love. Go on romantic picnics with, discuss music, art, poetry and life with. Someone to go on trips with, someone to dream with and someone to create memories and a life with.

On one hand, I get all this from myself and my friends, but he would be that other element that speaks to another part of me, but also as integral as my family and friends.

I want it. I really want to be in a beautiful relationship with all the ups and downs and all those moments that remind you that life is worth it.

Love is beautiful. Love is truth. Love is art. Love is everything we are.


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