Friday, July 27, 2012

Au revoir!

Mosaic is growing up, moving out of home and starting a new life!

You can visit us for a mosaic all things copacetic, fun shit, beautiful things, replays of parties, stories and thoughts, music and movies, the ad world I play in, some more meltdowns and all the things we love and like about life - that's what friends are for, right? Delicious visits and chats.

As of Monday 30 July our new abode will be... [drum roll please]

The excitement!

Monday, July 23, 2012

a modela for iStyle

So a few months ago I got an unexpected message from City Press Lifestyle writer Zama Nkosi to ask if I'd be interested in taking part in the City Press iMag, iStyle,  feature. Of course I was completely flattered and it took a moment to wonder if she was maybe asking the rugby playing Akona Ndungane and mistakenly sent me the message:) Turns out not to have been the case and I finally agreed. 

She then sent me a layout of a previos iStyle feature they'd done with some gorgeous shoe designer whose name I have since misplaced in my head. Her profile was so beautiful and interesting, glossy and delicious. I could not believe she thought me worthy of such.

The shoot happened on a sunny afternoon at 44 Stanley. I was extremely nervous! The brief was to bring an outfit and accessories that I loved and had a story to tell about myself. Not as easy as it would seem. At the time I was (and still am) going through a bit of a body confused stage. The stylist, Zama and Photographer were all really encouraging and friendly, which made the nervousness a little less paralysing. 

This was the final product. Some of my favourite items at that time. Featured in 22 July issue of City Press magazine. Princess for a day. 

Hopefully if you click on the image you can read the good bits.

Thank you to Maria McCloy for always having such beautiful goodies - the skirt and the earrings are from her Market on Main stall. 
Thank you Zama Nkosi for giving me the opportunity to be a princess for a day, and making my blabbering sound good from the interview. Please pass along my thanks to your team. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I stan for Solange

This woman can do no wrong in my eyes
She's stylish, she's radiant, she's gorgeous, she seems like a fun person who'd tell you like it is without missing a beat.
She's opinionated, she's soulful, she's just so alive! Of course, these are the things I imagine as I browse her blog -

I have moments where catch myself whispering "I love you" to the screen as I click through the pages.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getroud met Rugby ad by Ogilvy

The Brief:
Communicate the fourth season of KykNET show ' Getroud met Rugby' - local rugby version of a kind of Footballers wives TV series, in Afrikaans, centering around  the themes of sex, lies, deceit, and of course, rugby

The Answer:
Boobs 'n Balle Beer

A micro-brewer was found, sold on the idea and a beer was created, label designed by Ogilvy Art Director Renier Zandberg and Copywriter Stephanie van Niekerk.
Activations took place at various pubs, liquor stores and sports bars at the weekend and of course outside Loftus stadium. Coasters were also done with similar design.

I think this is so awesome. Here's the print ad that went into various magazines and newspaper.

And here are some amateur pictures of the details on the beer bottle. 

Well done to the Ogilvy team and kykNET marketing team.

Read everything and travel

In China, January 2009 with the Smirnoff Ten crew and our special party bus

In a previous lifetime, specifically in 2008 and 2009, I was blessed with the opportunity to globe trot as a Smirnoff Experience brand ambassador, part of a team of ten people from different countries. We travelled around thirty two cities and islands across our world, in search for Original night life; the incredible task was to document nightlife across the big party cities of the world and discover what made each place Original in its after dark (sometimes day time) activities. We were creating a kind of Lonely Planet for activities that weren't 'the usual' or touristy.

I think I’ve made reference to the 13 month long trip on my blog and other sources previously so I won’t go into too much detail. The point is; two things happened.

First, I lived my biggest dream, I experienced,  in that time span,  something I had wanted and needed for so long. It happened. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was presented to me with all the bells and whistles. Everything paid for and a delicious per diem to go crazy. I tell people, honestly, it took me over a year just to get off that high, over a year of speaking to God in part thanking Him and in part asking what I was meant to do now that my biggest dream had been realised. Still wondering, by the way.

Secondly, and quite amazingly, the travel bug bit me. It tore into my flesh and settled into every vein in my body, creating a burning need to do it again. This time, I want to travel my beautiful continent, Africa.

[Been pondering, for a while now, with no brave or even mediocre ideas as to what I would do and where; and I keep coming back to my truth. The truth that what I would absolutely love to do for the rest of my days includes stepping foot and soul onto and into every country on this etheric Africa. I want to learn how to and tell stories, I want to meet people, learn languages, explore, showcase and live my Africa. ]

Recently, with vigorous head nodding through every sentence, I read Justice Malala’s piece on Times Live titled: We should be burning to read.- where he,  in context of books recently being burnt as opposed to giving them to school children, told the story of how he had basically seen the world through books. He'd been to places he'd never stepped foot in through well crafted sentences.

When I visited Nigeria a year or so ago, I felt like I'd already been there having been engulfed by Chimamanda Adichie's "Half of a Yellow Sun" and everything I imagined was perfectly in sync with everything I saw. That book sold Nigeria to me.

Through reading, we are able to transport ourselves into other worlds, other countries, other crevices for our imagination to play in. I would be a completely different person if I wasn't such an avid reader; so it makes me so sad to know that there are people who aren't afforded the opportunity.

A friend of mine always says "Sell everything and Travel" to which I absolutely agree and wish I could. In the absence of the above motto, I say: Read everything and Travel.

What are you reading currently?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I like your wood

Lately I have been thinking about my blasé attitude towards sunglasses - I don't care for big brands, fashionable styles or whatever else goes into the selection and self expression process for shades. I guess the important part is protecting my eyes, right?. That's it. 

So I discovered the trick to get me excited  - Wooden sunglasses!

Wood is one of those things that with anything created using it will be as unique as a fingerprint.
In wood you can see a lifetime of stories. It's just beautiful.

Three brands, two international and one local - all in the craft and art of making wooden sunglass frames. Very awesome. Very very.


Started as an experiment with nature, or as they call in - "a curios endeavour" - either way, they make beautiful eyewear. Starting price - about $175


Proof sunnies I saw at The Space in Rosebank recently retailing around the R1500 mark. Really beautiful cases too.

Online purchase price starts around $90 mark.

Finally, our very own, from Cape Town, South Africa

Love the clever name association - Hout is Afrikaans for wood.
Locally created, with a plant a tree programme in place for every pair sold.
I believe they are available at MEMEME stores both in Cape Town (Long Street) and Johannesburg (Parkhurst).

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mary Jane by Amanda Laird Cherry

Finally found the perfect colour. Have been looking for cute leather Mary Jane's for a while now, and finally found the perfect pair. from Amanda Laird Cherry @ The Space.

Comfortable and beautiful.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello Headwrap / Turban

I used to wrap my head in scarves and shawls many many moons ago and have recently started trying it out again. It is fun, adds some element that stops young men from hollering 'hey shortie' when they "greet", and a spot of colour when needed.

Steph O'Conner  - of Conner Varin Photography - and I were chatting about styling hair and head-wraps and how there are minimal examples out there of how to style braided or natural hair, and how to tie different head-wraps.
I'm properly struggling a) Finding interesting ways to style my long braids and b) tie 4 metres worth of beautiful fabric around my head.

Need to practice more.

These pictures of my latest try were taken by Anthony Bila. 

I was thoroughly bored with my outfit on this day, so the turban totally helped

With the lady who has inspired the recent head wrapping  - Lethabo Boogy Maboi

Me, Steph and Boogy. - Image by StrussBob

Frank Ocean - Letter of Love

Dear Frank Ocean  - Thank you for sharing.

The way Frank Ocean has opened my heart up. I could explode. The fact that we humans are so capable of love, that let go love, is amazing! Love
Humans are beautiful complex beings. I think it's wonderful. 
Now go out there and love who you want, when& where ever you want. Be LOVE
Let's be Frank, Let go and Let Love


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