Thursday, May 31, 2012

Treasured Goodies from Zanzibar

Some of the wonderful things I had fun shopping for in Zanzibar. Mostly in Stone Town shops and markets.  

Kilimanjaro Arabica Coffee. 
 The coffee smells so amazing. I haven't tried it yet because I absolutely love the packaging and don't really want top open it yet.

African Pride Tea
 I love tea. I love vanilla. So the two together are just magic. The Masala tea i got because I'd been told it tastes and smells very similar to Chai. It does. Spicy, aromatic and delicious.

For my little 6 month old nephew

and another one for Afika

 I think I would have bought anything if it was an interesting print. This bag was unnecessary and not my style, but loved the reds and olives

 I think this is the most interesting top I have. Love the wing effect.

Who am I without notebooks? I love having them, I loving giving them as gift. The one on the far right I gave to my sister, to document her journey into motherhood and use as her journal. The second one from the right  gave to my wonderful sunshine Miss Milli  and the other two are all mine! Aren't the prints amazing? Think I want to start making covered notebooks actually

And finally
 Fabrics to make amazing items. Now just to find someone to make stuff for me. Been looking online for styles of skirts and shirts. Definitely want a high waisted pencil skirt first!

Today, I've used one of the prints as a head wrap for the first time. Loving the nubian queen feel.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remember what's important

Source: The web

Goodie bag from Oprah Mag

Thank you
The lovely people at Oprah Magazine and Dentyne and Fundudzi sent me this pretty goodie bag with goodies
Haven't had a chance to look through it yet, but I'm sure it's lovely!

The release:

O and Dentyne Good Choices launch with exciting app and event 
R 100 000 up for grabs in O and Dentyne challenge 
O, The Oprah Magazine and Dentyne’s Good Choices campaign officially kicks off this month with an exciting online application, reader competition and upcoming event hosted by O magazine contributor and life coach, Martha Beck. 

The ‘Good Choices’ campaign aims to take readers on a journey of self-discovery assisting them to become the best they can be, by making good and positive choices every day. With the new online app, readers now have the opportunity to build their own Good Choices board and stand the chance to win R100 000 toward fulfilling their dreams. 

“Visualising our good choices and goals is a very powerful tool in helping us to move towards the best version of ourselves,” says Samantha Page, editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. “With our new app readers will have a place online where they can collate the pictures and quotes that inspire them and represent the good choices they are making. Combined with our Martha Beck event, we are set for an exciting journey of making dreams come true.”

By creating their own Good Choices board through the Good Choice app, readers are entered into a draw for R100 000 worth of prizes. The app is web-based and free of charge. Every completed board will count as an entry into the draw, with twenty finalists being asked to motivate their good choices. The best motivation will win R100 000 towards realising their dreams.  

As an extra motivation to get started, ten readers who complete their boards before 8 June 2012 stand a chance of winning double tickets to an exclusive O and Dentyne Good Choices event in Johannesburg, with keynote speaker Martha Beck, on the 21st of June 2012.

“This app is such an exciting development for the O and Dentyne Good Choices campaign”, says Georgina Harpur, Brand Manager for Dentyne: Kraft Foods South Africa. “No matter where they are, with the help of OMagazine and Dentyne, women can make good choices every day.” 

The June issue of O magazine is on sale from 21 May 2012 at all leading newsagents and stores.

To create a Good Choices board, register at  

Snap Snap

Pictures found somewhere on the interwebs
At Kitcheners. Source:

With awesomery. Source:

At Anele's B-Day party. Source: Tembisa

At Gourmet Zone. Source: Claire Mawisa

At Gourmet Zone. Source:

At Gourmet Zone

You are invited

Welcome to Winter shopping Party at Mememe this Thursday.

See you there.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kanyi Mavi

Cape Town's favourite Xhosa female emcee

Beautiful soul, amazing woman, smile so big the sun bows down to her
She looks so amazing on this cover. So her. So true. So full of this thing called life

Can't wait for her album Iintombi Zifikile (The Girls Have Arrived)

Check her and Tumi at Party People way back when:

If that's not enough, check out this this video with Lauryn Hill gracing the stage at Kanyi's album launch back in March. Goosebumps!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty fucking cool

Launch of his and her fragrance: Lynx Anarchy in Sydney

Let me say it again

Pretty fucking cool

Monday, May 21, 2012

7 important notes on Courting Etiquette

The dating scene is a scary, funny, shocking, enjoyable and beautiful place. We've all got horror stories as well as straight outta the movies scenarios.
I want to meet, engage, enjoy and be with someone, someday.
I won't lie, it's tough out here, but it is also thoroughly entertaining.
Annoyingly though, I've meet duds, duds who think 'hello' is an invitation to lick their lips LL Cool J style while trying to feel me up. The groping and calling me 'shorty' or 'baby' like my mama forgot to name me is a story for another time.

So let's say that we pass all the silly and shocking and funny stuff and one does actually get and keep my attention and we move on to exchanging phone numbers. Sometimes at this point, everything comes crumbling down, but we live in hope.
It seems, some men have no etiquette.
Here I'd like to address remote / cellular contact.

Once boy has this girl's number he has to be mindful of the following:

1. You cannot initiate contact via text / mms / or worse, whatsapp. This is a no no. We already live in a world where we talk through our fingertips and mouse clicking most of the time, so much so that we seem to have forgotten how to communicate through speech with body language, pregnant pauses, voice pitch and a little smile in the sound of our words. Ah, there is little more beautiful than human interaction, with flutters of excitement and word dances that spark the air. So now when you choose to make first contact by text, I immediately assume you are lazy or don't hold yourself or me in very high regard. Or that you don't think you are interesting enough to hold a conversation that doesn't give you the safety of editing your thoughts with a few minutes to figure out each and every response. Get that instant gratification of hearing my voice. Go on. Show interest.

2. You just cannot contact me after dark or before sunrise. I don't know if I need to explain this, because it seems very obvious. I will anyway. If you call me at 5am, I assume you're drunk dialling, and I doubt we're at that level yet. It's so rude. You're basically telling me you think of me when you're intoxicated, out of your mind or have no self confidence and have to wait for your inhibitions to take a hike. If you call me at 7pm asking for my physical time that night, I assume I'm option 3. Surely if you wanted to see me you'd know that mid morning / early afternoon. It may also mean you think I have nothing to do but wait for you. No no. If you contact me at 10pm, I assume you think I'm a booty call. In that case, apologies, we have our signals crossed.

3. From the point of saying 'I'll call' to the moment of the call, you have 48hours. Anything after that, I assume there's no interest, or confidence, or that I'm not top of mind. Ship has sailed.

4. I'm personally not a fan of chit-chat and small talk. Messages, calls, etc should have a point. Yes, it's cute and acceptable to contact to just say you're thinking about me or tell me about your day, but, there really should be a general direction. Nothing more annoying than a message that just says 'hi'. I'm already bored. Or you call and have nothing to say. Really. I paused what I was doing to listen to you breathe through the phone? No thanks.

5. I really don't think our first conversation should be about your ex, or what is so wrong with certain women. You can't woman bash and expect me to emancipate myself from the vagina crew to impress you. Your ex is really none of my business, especially in our initial conversation and your vitriolic judgment of other women isn't going to go well in the seduction dance. We also aren't going to bond over someone you still have feelings for, whether those feeling are good or bad.

6. No, I won't be sending you a picture of myself. Not my face, not my hand, hips, feet, breasts... You get the drift. Don't ask. You won't get. This is a sure way to get yourself erased.

Finally, and most importantly;
7. Do not, under any circumstances, contact me should you be involved with another being. That's not nice. Be single AND available, otherwise we're wasting precious time.

For now. That's it. What'd did I miss?

Postcard from Zanzibar


I went to Zanzibar for an extra long weekend recently. Completely spontaneous.
It was a well deserved and unexpected break
LOVED LOVED everything about the little island.
Wish I could write more about it, but two weeks later, I still haven't collected myself about the trip yet.

What I can say is I laughed, I rested, I swam in warm water, I read, I ate, I drank, I explored, I shopped and most importantly, I wrote (to myself).

I will never again underestimate the power of taking a break.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guess what we'll be doing...

You, me and everyone we know will be at Kool Out this Friday night.
Haven't been to new KOL spot - Shikisha, so will be interesting to experience

Most importantly though, TUMI and ZUBZ....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The lion's den

I walked into the lion's den
My eyes were wide open, only blurred by the smoky residue of misguided love
It was dark, it was moist, the air tasted of pain and bliss, I felt exhilarated, alone and alive
I knew what was coming, but I couldn't name or explain it
It was familiar, and in that familiarity I knew that I knew nothing.
What was to be expected was unknown, yet it was an age old lesson to be learnt
A lesson that had to be learnt; not from anyone else's misstep but my own
Into the lion's den i glided, tentative, with my head held high.
In the lion's den, I remembered I was Nonesi and Tobile's daughter
In that dense air, I remembered I was Anda's sister, Afika's aunt, a part of something
In that fear, I remembered that I had a path to walk
In that place of no return, I remembered that I was to be
Into the lion's den I walked,
eyes wide open, body in limbo, self in destruct, heart knowing, soul begging
Into the lion's den I danced
and in there I knew, with blood in veins competing with the fiery rage of the sun, I knew
I would live the last moments of my old life
Into the lion's den, I blinked
In there, I knew, I had to awaken Akona


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