Monday, April 26, 2010

Earring Crazy

I can't help myself!!

Whenever I see interesting earrings, I just can't help myself but get them!!!

Check out my latest *big smile on my face*

Breathing Space

Yes, I absolutely love living in the centre of Cape Town. Close enough to the buzz to feel like a part of it, but far enough to just be in the city. I live in a beautiful apartment block with fantastic view of the mountain, and from the rooftop pool I get 360 degree views of the city, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's great just to get away

This weekend, I desperately needed some breathing space, but not for too long.

The answer to my temporary escape was in Milnerton. Went for a lazy and sun drenched lunch at this incredible restaurant called Maestros on the beach! More than adequate menu selection, the food as good as it looked, the staff friendly, atmosphere relaxed, with the most amazing and breath taking views! It's is right on the dunes of Milnerton beach. It was wonderful.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Confession of a music lover

Music is my life

As much as is it said that music is a universal language. If we all love music, no matter the artist or the genre, why is that often I experience music lovers as an exclusive club where I feel like an outcast?

Fans only area

I recently discovered that some of my favourite tracks were actually produced by the late great J. Dilla. If I had made this little confession amongst my friends in hip hop circles I would be socially castrated. Now I’m all for being introduced to new music or being schooled about legendary music, but what I can’t really get with is being judged for my ignorance. This judgment is one of the reasons I struggle to listen to music with groups of people. Mind you, I have nothing against the die-hard fans, the guru’s, aficionado’s and all sorts of superlative experts, I do, however, loathe the holier than thou-ness of their God-like knowledge which they will not impart without the need for Godly praise.


A friend once said to me, in response to my aversion to a listening and crit session, that I hate music. That statement knocked me out completely, and I started thinking. I forgive him for his misunderstanding and verdict but it made me realize that my appreciation for music is different from some of my peers. Unique, however, it is not. Many a quiet confession has been made in concurrence to this apparently atypical way in which I relate to music.

Is it Hip Hop or Jazz?

“Hip Hop is the unwanted bastard child of superior forms of music such as jazz…” – Smoking Aces 2

It is said that jazz gave birth to certain genre’s of music such as hip hop, but my understanding of the ‘hip hop’ is that is a movement, a lifestyle with many factors including graffiti art, beat boxing etc and that ‘rap’ refers to the music genre. Then I ask, what is RnB? Growing up I thought it stood for rhythm and blues, lately I have hearing people say it is rhythm and beat? I can easily classify classical music, but I wouldn’t know how to differentiate country from rock. So now begins my dilemma when asked, “So, what kind of music do you like?”

Same difference

My love for music cannot be boxed into any particular artist or genre, not only because I have no idea of either the artist nor the genre but because I ingest the music, not the genre or artist. I don’t much care for who it is, if they’ve been to jail, how many awards they’ve won, who they are sleeping with or any sordid acts they got caught up in , I only care about the craft. Case in point, I didn’t know what Bilal looked like until I met him when he came to Cape Town for the Jazz Festival. I love his songs, but I know nothing about him.

I don’t just listen to music, I feel it, I experience it and its movement through my soul. Music has to invoke emotion, paint a picture and tell a story in order to be rated as good in my ear, or even remembered. It’s not just the lyrics, beats, harmony or rhythm; it’s what all of that makes me feel. Otherwise I am unable to interact and enjoy it, no matter how celebrated the creators are.


My final confession, which will probably ensure the nail on my coffin as I will be dead to the gurus of the world; one of the reasons I never got into rap music is the great effort it takes for me to fully pick up lyrics. Worse is that sometimes you need to know the rappers back story to understand some of it. I won’t say I don’t get pleasure from the metaphors and word play (when I do actually catch some of the lines)

This difficulty isn’t solely experienced with rap – other genres and non-rappers catch me out. The nineties were plagued with humming through sentences I didn’t know or mimic the sound of the lyrics because I had no idea what the singer was actually singing. It was never as entertaining as the idols contestant who completely butchered Mariah Carey’s ‘Can’t Live’ [Ken Lee – you can thank me later]

Not only the actual words of the songs but the meanings behind the lyrics get me a little lost. Let’s take ‘Scribbled Paper” by Little Dragon – I absolutely love this song, it is 6 minutes of heaven, tugging at my heartstrings. It is a well produced eargasm, but I cannot for the life of me understand what is being said, but I still sing along and try paint my own picture. Worry not; I’m still deciphering some Sade lyrics from the first album.

I love music. Music to dance to, music to sing to, music to write to, music to walk to, music to live to – music is my life.

I’m keen to know what’s bumping in your iPod, so do share – ANYTIME.

Back to the city

Since moving to Cape Town I have not had any desire to visit Joburg at all, until NOW

Look at this sick line up for the BACK TO THE CITY FESTIVAL

What I would do to be there....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel Inspiration

You sit in front of the computer day after day and stare at the perfectly placed letters on the keyboard, gently depress them and watch as the black soils the white background, willing them to form words, words that will form sentences, sentences that will form paragraphs, willing those paragraphs to become pages upon pages of a masterpiece. A story that might touch you, a story that may make you laugh, a story that could make you question, a story that should make you think, an unforgettable creation.

Now, what if you didn't have a story and had only the desire for inspiration. You try to ignore the pearly white document, shut your eyes and hope that the letters you so need would magically fill the page. Open your eyes and yet again you are greeted by blankness.

You want to busy yourself with something else because you think you don't have a story to tell; the frustration building. The mind closed to all imagery, the heart refusing to bleed the words, your soul not willing to share. A flicker of inspiration, an explosion of imagination is all you long for. Where would you go to find that inspiration?

This was my problem when I was asked to contribute to the travel issue of Studio_83. This shouldn’t have been a problem right? Unpacking all of the memories and encounters I had lived over 13 months. With so many places to choose from, I could just pick a location and let my mind soar through it, find it’s moment and release its load to share moments in time of a traveling woman. Letting you follow my footsteps across the planet.

Traveling in wonderment through history, creative splendor of man made structures, magical myths, buzzing metropolis, mother nature’s blessings, gifts of musical talents and of course the passion of life.

But where would I let my mind wonder to first? I’ve created a list of top places with emotionally charged memories.


The streets of Salvadore, Brazil packed with gorgeous people enjoying the carnivale; a clebration of culture through music and dance over a week of non-stop everything. Chanting along to traditional and modern Brazilian songs of love and passion relaying desires, lust and motivation to get down and dirty. One such yearning ode:

Beija, Beija / Ta Calore Ta Calore / Mas eu nao quero so beija / Tambem quero amor.

This kiss, this kiss / It’s hot, It’s hot / but I don’t just wanna kiss / I also wanna make love

An Island 2hours off the coast of Brazil, Morre de Sao Paulo, where the hoards of tired bodies go to relax and rejuvenate after the escapism that is the week long party sensation of Salvadore’s Carnivale. Arriving at close to dusk and watching the paling orange sun set over the deep blue endless ocean. An island so small and simple that no cars roam the sand covered street; instead, wheelbarrow taxis are used to carry your luggage from the dock to your beach hotel. Nightly beach parties on one of the three beaches; partying under the stars and moon – paths lined with stalls selling virgin and alcohol cocktails made with fresh fruit which you pick from the wide selection of succulence. Nothing more delicious than the explosion on your taste buds of some strawberries, acai, banana and orange with a touch of Vodka over crushed iced while dancing around fires on the warm sand

Getting lost in childhood memories of the imaginative myth that was the Lochness monster in Scotland, while walking down Princess Street in Edinburgh with castles in the midst and kilted men, cleverly not allowing the wind to share too much skin. English coming out of the Scottish mouths sounding more foreign than hearing languages no longer spoken anywhere in the world.

Stepping into a vehicle of my granddad’s times; old, rackety and without a fuel gauge I introduce The Trabant. There are only a few of these Trabant’s left in existence today, five to specific. Revived by the only tour group licensed to tour the last living stronghold of communism. Poland’s gift from Joseph Stalin, a forgotten city called Nowa Huta stuck in 1949. This town was created in just ten years, and left there, as an independent from the rest of the Poland. A 60-year-old blast from the past staying true to the adage that some things never change, any vintage lover would be in kitsch heaven

Wherever one would go to retrieve that ever-illusive muse and no matter how we get there, we all have a tale to tell.

In every day life, on every street corner, every moment worth experiencing should be inspiration to explore. Sometimes, it is in these very moments that there are no words but the desire to live, not just the will to survive.

Arty Thursday

Last week Thursday, 15 April, I went to the opening of "100 years of African Art" at the
South African National Gallery in Cape Town titled "From Pierneef to Gugulective. Local artists showcasing their talents. The exhibition takes place in the entire gallery, so there is a lot to see.

It was cold - I mention this because I arrived at 6pm hoping to have missed the speeches, but alas, had to grin through them with the Cape Town creeping up my skirt and making me regret the outfit of the day, an outfit that had taken me a little longer than usual to put together. (I couldn't decide which belt to put on)

The beaded belt won the toss.

The artwork was mostly interesting, but after a while it just felt monotonous. One of the few pieces that caught my eye was this one:

pic from Skattie

Ran into one of my favourite artists - Athi, who also has a video showing at the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until September and is a must see. Even though I wasn't moved too much, you might be.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee /Chocolate Wine

You have to try these two wines

Especially with winter around the corner, they are the perfect companions to hearty meals, dvd's on the couch, watching the rain playing on the window or just relaxing to good music.

I won't embarrass myself by trying to describe them, I am no connoisseur, just know you can't wrong.

1. Diemersfontein Pinotage - "The original coffee / chocolate wine."
Depending on where you purchase, R70 - R160

2. The Chocolate Block - the name says it all!
About R160 - R180

Love love love

#Blog Loving

Giving credit where it is due

The following is a list of some of my fav local bloggers - from fashion, music, street culture and more, they are self publishing, documenting and sharing their lives, loves, and interests!

I like this little network, now to get more people to tell their stories:

In no particular order, I present to you "BLOGS OF THE MOMENT"

Aquarian Ox is the baby of Ayanda - it's fun, funny, informative and as crazy as he is.

Skattie is where Malibongwe gives us his opinion on style and fashion. Great to read and laugh along to. He gives praise to icons, reprimands the faux pas and gives us a glimpse into a Cape Town you rarely see in mainstream media

Tumelo, a new blogger on the scene, finally lets out her love for music, fashion and creativity on Mixed Tape Diaries. Well written, full of life and honest. Hard not to love it.

An old favourite, Tiisetso aka Urban Mosadi a budding photographer fills the pages with colour, passion, energy and vibrant images. A peak into the life of a nomad who loves fashion, street culture, music and fun.

Another honest, entertaining and informative offering from fashion writer Miss Milli. No holds barred accounts and fearless thoughts on local and international fashion industry. Love!

Take a bite, you won't be disappointed! SA blogger rule!

For more - check out my blog list....

Monday, April 12, 2010


So last week I managed to totally avoid the craze of having a baby pic of myself as the avatar on twitter.

To play nice though, I've decided to post my baby pic here

A story my godfather and my late mommy used to love telling is of what an ugly baby I was. Soon after I was born, the two naughty guardians would take me to the city centre of Umtata (my home town) and parade me to people on some "Extra Extra, check out the ugliest baby for jus 50c"

Up until around the age of 15 I looked like a little boy. Didn't help that I beat kids up *sometimes :)

#Jazzify me

Easter weekend is one of my favourite weekends of the year - Cape Town International Jazz Festival weekend

Had mad fun, the wind was wicked, the music mesmerizing. Bumped into old friends, made new ones. Danced and sang like there was no tomorrow - lost my voice in the process.

You can check out my review of the weekend on Represent!

* I'm a new "Brooklyn Funk Essentials" fan. Happiness.

#Soccer Crazy

A few months ago, my friend, Sobantu invited me along to the first ever game to be played at the freshly done Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town

It was to be my 3rd live match in all my life and the very first on home soil. The first game I attended was in Buenos Aires, Argentine (unbelievable, exciting, passionate amazing match between Chile and Argentina) and the second was in Berlin, Germany between local German teams.

The stadium is beautiful. It's grand, pristine, well done and awe invoking.
The game was boring - but the fans were crazy fun. At some point we had a mexican wave going - went around about 6 times before dying down

This particular game was between Ajax Cape Town and Santos. By default, because I was wearing yellow that day, I was supporting Santos.
(In a much teased tweet, I referred to them as the 'yellow' team)

I cant wait for the 2010 World Cup!


There are some people in this life who can't help but be sunshine.

My great friend; Refilwe Moloto celebrated her last year of the twenties with friends on the rooftop of Daddy Cool. Sun, Champers, beautiful setting, and lovely food was the order of the day.

(Miss Raff loves prezzies - pic by birthday girl)

Later in the evening we had night caps at Pepenero in Sea Point (i think it's Seapoint)

Introduced the lady to new style G&T (with fresh cucumber) - It's amazing for a lazy Sunday afternon

Refilwe, an amazing, awesome, beautiful, smart, dynamic, insprirational woman truly is a piece of sunshine. It was a brilliant boozy birthday brunch filled with love, laughs and liqs...



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