Wednesday, August 25, 2010 be wonderful

Woke before sunrise to have my breakfast before the sun said hello... and for the first time in a long time I felt peaceful. I stayed outside on the balcony watching as tentative rays of light raced to crash against Table Mountain, and so I watched, and watched and allowed myself to be still and be.

I had a to do list as long as my arm, boxes that needed to be ticked and miracles had to be begged out of their hiding place, but I just sat there quietly and let the world of morning wash over me. This day began unlike any other - I was still and I flowed to a beat not manufactured by fear.

Instead of rushing back into the warmth of the bed to catch another half hour of snooze, I instead went through the motions of being lead by an unknown force. I put away my problem solving woman persona and rather let her snooze away - I just let the day happen and I didn't fight against it.

For the first time in a long time I didn't let the knot of anxiety in my tummy paralyse and depress me. With no real plan, and just reactions to a bad situation I breathed as if I actually believed everything would be okay. Oh and heavens did this day happen.

Got a call from a large creative agency for an interview for a job later this week, received an email from someone complimenting my blog, spent a great hour or so with the O fashion team chatting, laughing, sharing and planning, wandered the streets running into people I hadn't caught up with in a while, brainstormed an incredible arts and crafts development project with some awesome people, enjoyed a home cooked dinner with my boys, and finally hung out with two beautiful and quirky women discussing the day, life, dreams and craziness. Along of things happened today that point in the right direction, all too much to detail now, but what I do know for sure is that all will be fine. I ticked off all the tasks, even added a few items as the hours passed, completed them and achieved more than I imagined I would, just by being present in my own life.

I breath a little easier tonight. Tomorrow I plan to give more to the day and let myself live, be alive and trust in the core of my being that even though choices need to made, not all decisions are mine to make, and the most important thing is to work with what I've got, show gratitude and do my very best to realise my dreams.
One day at a time.

I am peaceful.

The road is still long, but I am equipped.

"We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets."
— Marilyn Monroe

Monday, August 23, 2010

I NEED: Subway Wayfarer

I have no words really...

Never before have I coveted an item as much I do these shades

Why oh why did the interweb let me see them. I'm trembling as I type this. 

Take Ray Ban Wayfarer (my fav style) add some quirk creatively (subway map) and make sure the quirk pulls a heart string (NYC subway map - one of my top 5 cities) an voila, we have superlative beauty

I want. I need. I love. 
The above style is apparently widely available at $145

Below style is a little more exclusive. Either way - I WANT. I NEED. I LOVE
A special Subway-inspired Wayfarer releases from Ray-Ban. Featuring a pattern replicating New York City’s iconic subway system, the Wayfarers come with a red leather case. The Ray-Ban “Subway” Wayfarer is limited to 100 pieces and will be only available through swagger retailers across Japan

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet 16

As I mentioned earlier, tonight I was on a mission to sort out a pair of loved earrings: The Chappies

I then decided to clear out my treasure chest of adornments by throwing out the useless (read: damaged) or the unloved (read: boring) and reintroduced myself to the beautiful collection, which is now at a total of 50 great pairs.

Here is my Sweet 16 (read: can't live without)
Quirky and unique

I would list them, but I think they are pretty self explanatory.

My love for these accessories materialised when I started shaving my head in 2002. You can't argue with the fact that hair is as much an accessory as anything else. Earrings have become my obsession.

Quirkville makes happy


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chappies Bubble Gum

Tonight's crafty activity: Replace my missing /lost / eaten Chappies bubblegum earring

I'm a fanatic for weird and wonderful accessories

I got theses wickedly awesome earrings in 2008 in Cape Town, unfortunately, somewhere along the line, I lost one, or someone ate it. They were bought from accessories label - Minx, which was then stocked at a store named 'Nylon' located just off Long Street. Nylon no longer exists and I have no idea where to find this Minx. See my predicament?

Thankfully I'm a problem solver; so this afternoon I bought the replacement Chappies (for a whole 25c each) to recreate the pair. Let's hope this goes well.

Wish me luck :)

Goodbye Winter?

Today was such a gorgeous day in Cape Town.

Spent most of the day on location on some rocky 'beach' close to The Twelve Apostles Hotel - (have no idea what the area is called). I'll blog about the day in more detail later; what I wanted to address is a comment my friend made after I proclaimed "Hello Summer, I missed you"
Showered in light
Early arrival on location

He pointed out, truthfully, that even though Cape Town weather over the past few weeks has been sunny and glorious, it wouldn't be wise to think winter has said its final goodbye.

Come September and October the dark clouds, rain and cold will be back to help us appreciate the sweet once the bitter disappears.

Having also posted the "Hello Summer" status on facebook, I received this comment from my friend Odwa

Mr. Burst My Bubble

I guess it's not yet time to put away the boots, coats and warm Russian furry hats. Either way, I'm going to enjoy the good that is RIGHT NOW.

On a cold winter's day

Hello today, I'll live you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't judge my dirty All Stars

Was having a chat on twitter with @Converse_Africa and I was reminded of the love / hate / misunderstood relationship I have with sneakers / tekkies etc.

I don't really wear sneakers, of any kind, I just don't know how. My feet feel gigantic and my ankles are tiny. The last time I had running shoes, for example, was in High School - I just don't well in that department... but it's okay. 

Before my Smirnoff globetrotting trip in 2008 started I decided to break this laceless life of mine and I got myself a pair of white Converse All Stars. The plan was to wear them at least once in every single city /island we visited and never wash them until until I got home. I did, it was fun, and they soaked up love in every city.

13 months, 32 odd cities and taa daa, my not so white All Stars. I tried to wash them once, but then felt bad, as though I was washing away memories... this is where the trouble begins. I have this really cute outfit I'd like to wear today, and in my head it would look great paired with my All Stars. Will I be judged for wearing a really awesome skirt and dirty shoes? 

I was once told that All Stars shouldn't look brand new, and the 'dirt' gave them character. I'm not too sure about that. 

Catch me at Misael tonight for the Champagne Exhibition event and see if I go through with the shoes...

Happy Friday the 13th...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

#CreativeActivist: Miss Milli B

In this installment of Creative Activist I take my hat off to bright young thing Milisuthando Bongela. The Umtata born 25-year-old writer, fashionista, trend observer, fashion commentator and businesswoman, who lives in Joburg, takes us through her journey in the fashion, blogging and activist worlds she lives and loves. Milisuthando’s online footprint is quite comprehensive, so I wanted to delve deeper and find things we wouldn’t readily find out just by googling the creative activist.
By far, the most interesting person I've had the pleasure of knowing and I know you will agree after reading this. Miss Milli is an inspiration…

Who is the bella named Miss Milli?
Miss Milli is actually my digital persona, though it's a nickname I've inherited in the past couple of years. I am my mother's child, meaning I'm not a regular or normal Xhosa girl. I've never swum with the current and I think that sums me up.
What are some of the many hats you don?
I'm a freelance wheeler-dealer. I'm a journalist by "training" but I also write what I see. I listen and observe then formulate a point of view from the default of being a bilingual black woman living in South Africa. I'm also interested in developing the fashion industry through my writing but also practically by working to find solutions to the many problems we face. Right now, I'm putting my money where my mouth is by half focusing my energies on selling South African designers through Pulchritude.

When did you first fall in love with fashion?
The light went on when I was sitting on my bed one Sunday afternoon reading my older sister's Cosmopolitan magazine.  My heart stopped when I saw Themba Darkie's clothes for the first time.  I used to wear vintage when it was very uncool and seeing it in a magazine validated my sense of style somehow in my 15-year-old mind. It was then that I knew I needed to be part of this industry.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I still don't know if I should be one, or that I am one. It's a big thing to call yourself when you are still learning the ropes. My dad was an accomplished author so I've always had the skill.  It's a daily process of packing and unpacking.

Tell me about the journey of finding what you want out of life and self?
It's still happening.  A lot of young people in South Africa are restless. Clever, talented people and I think it's because we are the first generation to really have anything we bloody well want - everything is so accessible.  I've done a lot of different things in an effort to "find what I was meant to do" and I think even though I have not had the Eureka moment, I get closer to it every day because I'm so hungry for it.  I have no patience for doing things for money or security. I need to be able to sleep well at night and that's been my goal since I left Cosmo at the end of 2007. This is the happiest time for me. I finally took the leap and although it's not easy - I know I made the right choice.

When did you start blogging and why?
I started my blog in February 2010 just before I went to New York Fashion Week. I wanted to document my journey. It's kinda grown since then and I'm proud of myself for maintaining it, I hardly ever follow through with things like that.

Tell me about your Missmillib blog?
It's become something more than just a place to find cool, alternative fashionistas, photographers and images. It's my own private magazine and a platform for me to be heard without shouting. I love it and am so grateful for the 95 people that follow it and for the ones to who take the time to read it, even if they don't agree with me.

How do you find balance being writer, blogger, fashionista, and creative activist?
I meditate when I can't take it (the work) anymore. I write in my journal when I've been doing too much of what I call "veneer living" - where one just lives on the surface of things.  I am also very fortunate to have wise and loving people that I surround myself with, people who remind me that the most important thing is to be a good person, do for and stand for what is fundamentally right. I spend days by myself so that's a great way of getting things done, because it's all on me.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find it from people who do things that I admire, or things that I would like to associate myself with.

How do you define creativity?
To me, creativity is the ability to make people feel just by looking, listening and touching.  It's one of God's gifts to humans.

What is the importance of finding inspiration from Africa?
Creatively, I don't think there are many other places to find the inspiration that Africa can conjure up.  It's important that we are inspired by and use our surroundings to communicate our message to the world.  The world is almost out of original ideas, and we are sitting on plenty.  This place is inspiring because there is so much that can still be done to make it what it was meant to be.

Some of the high’s and lows of the fashion writing business?
Being misinterpreted or misrepresented is definitely a low that exists in both and sometimes that's not in my control.  I love fashion because we are a young industry that's still making mistakes and everyday is an opportunity to rectify those mistakes. There are so many possibilities.
What are some of the accolades you've received?
Just one, I'm still very young. I won the Sanlam Journalism Award in 2009 and I'm wondering whether I'll be the last "Sanlam" winner because they have since pulled out of the fashion industry. I'd hate that.

Tell me about your trip to New York Fashion week
I chose to go to NY after I won the Sanlam Journalism Award. The prize was that I could go to any fashion event in the world between a specific time, then I'd have to come back and write about it.  I decided to blog about it for SA Fashion Week because they were kind enough to hook me up with a bit of work experience while I was there.  Instead of attending the shows as a spectator or journalist, I wanted to see what happens behind the scenes at NYFW.  Lucilla Booysen introduced me to her friend and creator of Video Fashion, Marlene Cardin who created the media company in the 1970s in NY.  It's like but it's an actual channel in many countries and it's all about covering fashion news from shows to designer interviews.  I was there as a spot marker, meaning I had to be specific shows marking the spot for Video Fashion's photographers and cameramen on the media riser, the place at the end of the runway where photographers stand. It was amazing to say the least because I got to see things that the magazines and websites don't cover; I got to see how shows are put together. It was amazing seeing people like Kirsten Dunst, Sasha Pivovarova, Lara Stone, Andre Leon Talley and Whoopi Goldberg but a meter from me just doing their thing.  I will definitely go back to NY. Their fashion industry is a prototype of a system that works. It's not as couture and intimidating as the European Fashion Scene, in terms of talent, some of our designers could be places right next to American designers.  But when it comes to the structure of the American industry, we lag faaaaaar behind.  Everybody has a role and EVERYTHING is taken very very seriously, which isn't the case in SA. There are rankings and organisation when it comes to who does what - the media, models, guest, buyers and designers each do what they need to do to make sure the machine runs and it was amazing to watch. We will get there though.  What do they say about Rome?

*read Mili’s “Lessons from NY Fashion Week” here

Which cities hold a special place in your heart and why?
Johannesburg.  I mean I like the other places I've been to but I have a serious love hate relationship with Joburg. No other place winds me up and down like Jozi and it's gritty beauty. I also really really loved New York.  You really have to know who you are and what you are about to feel adequate there. There's something daring about that.  I'd love to go to San Francisco and Tokyo soon.

What do you love about Joburg?
This place lacks the complacency you find in other South African cities. People hustle the hell out of life here and I love that black people don't have to feel out of place in fancy places. I don't think there's any other place on earth where black women are as celebrated. That means a lot to me.

What is your new baby, Pulchitrude, about?
It's still very much a baby.  The concept behind Pulchritude is to take local designers to the streets.  One aspect of the traveling shop is the market sales I have at the Jozi Food Market every month and wherever else if I've got stock.  Through that, I meet new customers and shop buyers and the idea is form relationships with both.  I want to take designer clothes to shops all over the country and as a result, make the clothes more accessible to the public all over South Africa.  I have 8 different clothing and jewelry designers each month and the aim is to build a brand (Pulchritude) that will be synonymous with the growth and flourishing of South African fashion.

Where else can people see / purchase?
One day, it will be online but for now, Joburgers must come to the month end sales at Jozi Food Market, or my house when there's bubbly.  The best places of course, are emporiums like Just, Mememe, Big Blue and The Space - places that stock only locally produced designer clothing. That's where people can start.

The future of Pulchitrude– where to from here?
Around the country; I may even employ a person or twenty one day. There's a lot on the books, stay tuned.

How do we get hold of you?
email: - this is the best way to contact me

Misael invites you

As we all know, Cape Town Fashion Week has kicked off, with the launch party last night (no, I wasn't there) and the shows begin today...

More importantly though, Misael, the creative space we know and love offers you a chance to catch your breath, meet and connect with Cape Town's finest, enjoy delicious nibbles, sip on some bubbly and savour the creativity of of the city's most inspiring art |style | design | food | emporium 

You can't say no

So be there tomorrow Friday 13 August and immerse yourself in splendor. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

The highlight of World Cup 2010

I remember when this story broke on twitter I was making my way to the unofficial official fan park, Mojitos on Long street, to join my friends for the final game of the 2010 World Cup

After the closing ceremony and before the final match, this brilliant young man jumped onto the field, sprinted across in his mad dash to either touch or steal the gold trophy! He got so close. 

The comments on twitter were so hilarious, mainly from people who were at Soccer City that night - from reports of him getting a beat down to people trying to figure out why he did what he did. Either way, he's my hero!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

#Blog Loving - Aug

You thought I'd forgotten didn't you? Okay, I did. 
I'm back though, giving credit where it is due with another instalment of #blogloving
There are 5 South African blogs and 1 international that I'll be giving kudos to. 

In no particular order:

Quirky, fun, entertaining and funny these Skinny Bitches entertain with tales of "cute boys, killer heels, dream apartments and size zero apartment"
They not only make it on the list for this but also because they are running their first blog competition in which they are giving away a spa treatment. Who doesn't want to be touched on their studio by the experts at Urban Spa?

I'd always loved Justine's ifor1 blog, and recently she, Jamie Who blogger and Maketh Man blogger came together and launched Aficionado. The powers of three awesome bloggers have created this one stop shop for all things fashion, food, drinks, art, interiors, decor, lifestyle and travel.

You just have to visit Garance's blog daily. The French photographer posts images so light, airy and full beauty, she makes any day just seem wonderful. She also gets a nod for having English translation of her posts for us non Frenchies.  We once used her images as reference for a denim story in O magazine, so you know you too will be inspired. Plus she's the girlfriend (or wife) of the original street style blogger The Sartorialist

In the manner of Kat as it is called, the 80's baby from Jozi has given her blog a little bit of a facelift with her new logo. I love it. The blog is a light hearted and honest look at some of the things that make her smile. Kudos to Katesque.

How could I not include my daily fix of the scribing, fashion news and  and lovely images from O Magazines Fashion Editor, Robyn Cooke of StyleGuideCapeTown? The blog is over two years old and every day brings a fresh  fashionable post. Style Guide CT is currently on a well deserved holiday, but will be back just in time for Cape Town Fashion Week taking place 12 - 14 August, so you'd better check out the blog for all the fashion happenings and reviews of the scene. Oh and of course to catch up with her holiday in the English countryside.

The lady makes me miss Joburg like there's no tomorrow with her accounts of the vibey and stylish events in the city of gold. The style queen has also been featured in a couple magazines lately and so her style cred, so to speak, has been sealed. As a on contributor on the party blog PinkLyte, Thithi keeps us up to date on what's hot in and around Jozi. 

....and that's all (for now) folks. 
Tell me which blogs have been tickling your fancy and I'll be sure to check them out.

Don't forget to nominate and vote for your favourite South African blogs in this years SA Blog Awards

Life as an Intern at O Mag: Pt2

So I’ve given you the background of my leap of faith to becoming an unpaid intern in the fashion department at O, The Oprah Magazine. Now comes a breakdown of my three months.

It’s not all glamour, but it has its moments of glam. It’s not all about pretty packaged gifts, but it does include being around pretty things we wish were gifts. Being an intern has moments of paging through amazing magazines I’d never heard of for references, but also making copies of them. Drinking smooth and delicious coffee while picking the brains of industry leaders, but also picking up that coffee, skinny dark hot chocolate, skinny single latte and full cream chai latte for the industry leaders. 
The role of intern is not too small nor is it too big, it’s not child’s play while all the same time everything any lover of life’s gorgeous things dreams of as child. An intern is all that and so much more. I was a sponge soaking up the information as well as being a fresh set of eyes; imparting whatever knowledge I had accumulated in my life leading up to the moments of creativity.

And so I’ll paint the picture, of my life as an intern, as part of a team creating gorgeous pictures, in a few short strokes of my keyboard.

In Part two of the intern chronicles, I’ll tell you a little about first day and first shoot.

First Day:
The first day was mainly a briefing session with The Robyn, Fashion Editor, and The Luisa, fashion assistant, notepad and pen in hand (even though I wished I had a mini recorder for all the info flying around), I soaked it all up. All I needed to know about my responsibilities for the next 3 months, what needed to be done, how it would be done etc.

At the end of each day, we would have a ‘what have I learnt today’ session where I would share my learning’s from the day. The first day went by very quickly and I knew I’d made the right decision – this was a world I knew very little about. As much as I have ‘acceptable’ personal style, conveying the language and conversation of fashion is something else all together. Robyn honestly is a Goddess when it comes to the world of fashion and style and not a single moment with her is wasted.

Later in the week we were going to have a shoot with actress Terry Pheto for the 'local star in local fashion' feature, and so the preparations began. Luisa and I would mission to find beautiful garments, to grace the gorgeous Ms. Pheto for the shoot. Excitement. This part of the job is called sourcing. Working to the brief and getting everything needed for the shoot. The first week on the job also introduced me my first ‘Storegasm

First Shoot:
Starstruck. That’s the only way to describe the first shoot. All through the week I had enjoyed dropping Terry’s name while picking up dresses, shoes, accessories from various stores and designers for the shoot. My excitement could not be contained. My first shoot! With award winning actress, model and Face of L'Oréal, Terry Pheto! Yes, yes, thank you ma’am!

We were photographing Terry for the Real People feauture for the Success issue of O magazine and she was dressed by amazing South African designers Thula Sindi, Gavin Rajah and Stefania Morland to name a few.

The starstruck moment had to end though as I’m not there to just stand around and listen while Robyn chats with the star. WhilL'Oréal make up artists Sylvie took her of the make up, work had to be done. 

Clothes to be arranged and steamed, coffee to be bought and had, recording the items to be shot for credits, model to be undressed, dressed & clamped. On set, you need to constantly be on your toes. No time to just stand around.

Can I just mention how gorgeous Terry is. Every shot was perfect and had it’s own personality coupled with the outfit. She has the most beautiful face, arresting smile, and curvy, well-toned real woman body, tall and just stunning. Add to this, she’s funny, witty and she has this thing about that makes you feel acknowledged when she talk to you. I could go on, but I think I’ll keep my girl crush to myself.

I also gained a lot of respect for photographer, Anthony Friend. The man knows how to get the best out of the ‘subject’ and completely compliments the needs of client. I love the way he knows how to direct people and it isn’t the same for every one – this is a skill required as much being able to capture an image, I say.

Check out the August issue of O magazine for the shoot. OUT NOW!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life as an Intern at O Mag: Pt1

Life as an intern

As you know, I’ve recently completed my internship at O, The Oprah Magazine as a fashion intern, working with superwoman, fashion extraordinaire and style goddess Robyn Cooke and her assistant the hands on, crafty, wickedly hilarious Luisa Rodrigues. 
In case you missed it, there was a whole drum roll, trumpet and taa daaa.

The Robyn

The Luisa
How it all began…

A few months ago I quit my cushy advertising job in search of that ever illusive ‘ what I want to do with my life. ‘ Project. This may not have been the smartest move considering I didn’t exactly have a new plan and I had just moved to new city. In any case, bad decisions aside, I needed to feel passionate about something, I needed to try something new, I needed to be challenged, I needed to find out what I’m made of in a situation unfamiliar to me and yes, you guessed it, I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

Long story short, seeing as I’m an online fiend; I’d found and fallen in love with Robyn’s blog, and a few months ago had actually emailed her to send my kudos, she’d replied with her thanks and that was that. Literally weeks later Robyn tweeted that she was going through a mountain of C.V.’s and doing interviews to find an intern. A friend encouraged me to send in my details, to which I responded that I couldn’t actually afford not to be paid for 3 months. In the end, I decided that I did need to take the plunge and send Robyn my C.V. and motivation to be her intern and mentee. The interview was great and I was just blown away by what an amazing soul she is. By the end of the week, I was contacted and she offered me the position. The ride was about to begin.

Financially it was difficult, and my bank is not happy with me. Friends helped out where they could and I am forever grateful for their kindness, encouragement and support.

I learnt a lot about fashion, the language and conversation of communication through what we wear, how to war it, how to accentuate your positives and hide the imperfections. Learnt the importance of relationships with designers, stores, fashion pr agencies and the magazine, the creativity of telling a story in still images and problem. There were life lessons and my self confidence had it’s ups and downs. All in all, an incredible experience I would not take back for anything in the world I am a better person for it

Seeing as this is long enough, I’ll separate this intro from the actual meaty bit of life as an intern… Part 2, soon come.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scream Tuesday: It's a rant

*Warning: This is a rant post*

What a start to Tuesday! It's been one heck of a day and we've only just hit noon. 

Of course, I'm somewhat of a secretive person so I won't divulge too many details, but just enough for me to feel like I've had my scream session and I feel better. 6 things messing with my mojo today. (I figure 6 is the devils number, so I'll limit myself to that)

  1. Woke up with the most horrible anxiety this morning. My tummy in knots followed by involuntary jaw clenching that has not subsided even though I tried to persuade with chewy sweets. Niks, fokol, nada. Can't even enjoy my morning chai latte. 
  2. In an attempt to send an ex (who is supposed to be a friend) a blackberry message, I realise he has removed me from his friends list. Ohkay, maybe he forgot his BB password and his contacts were deleted, I tell myself. Plan b - to send him a facebook message. Oh my hat, what is this 'Add as Friend' box I see on his profile? What on earth does this mean? I catch my breathe and onto plan C - twitter, thanks to ubertwitter, I quickly confirm my biggest fear. In not so big letters at the bottom of the page ' xxxx is not following you'. The travesty. I get that he is my ex, but uhm, we've been friends longer than we were even together! We've cried, we've laughed, we've fought, we've loved, we've hated, we've pulled each other through the most incredible hangovers, some moments of depression and been cheerleaders for each other, we've hidden from the rest of the world together, we've managed our differences of opinion, we've imparted the knowledge to each other of our different paths and we've had a fun ride. Now this? I cannot understand, I can't even begin to fathom the reason he would do such a thing. But here's the worst part - why am I so bothered? Well, duh, brightspark - I care about him and our friendship and I'm not in the slightest way afraid to admit that. Clearly though, I don't mean the same to him. Plan D comes in and I call him to give him the opportunity to explain this horrid mistake, this technical glitch that could not be his doing, this interweb and blackberry error that is not his fault. Of all the excuses I'd played out in my head, this one I did not expect! "It's not just you I'm removing." Huh? Dumbfounded me laps it up and listens for 20 minutes,(20 mins MTN will be glad to charge me for) how he's on a mission to be social network free. Really? Seriously? Within 5 minutes of the call being ended he's changed his facebook profile picture, updated his status twice, tweeted, and followed 3 new people on twitter. Ohkay then. I guess that's the end of that friendship. Would have preferred - ' I don't want to be your friend'
  3. I've spent 2 hours of my precious time focusing on Number 2 on this list. Could I pretend just for a few hours that I indeed have a life and more important things to pursue - LIKE A JOB!
  4. Yep, I'm jobless. Recently completed my 3 month internship with O magazine; it was a great journey and I've walked away with so many fashion and life lessons I truly am proud of myself for taking the leap of faith. I promise to dedicate a post on 'Life as an intern' soon. For now though, I'm broke, I'm bored and I have no freaking idea what to do. 
  5. I've sent my C.V. (why is a C.V. still relevant?) and I've made the follow up (read: stalker) phone calls and to no avail. I know I'm not pathetic, but it is the fact that I'm trying to get into completely different industries to what I studied or have experience in. I really really don't want to go back to advertising, but my bank balance is thirsty. I promised myself I wouldn't do anything just for the money, but it seems that I will have to earn my salary from what I'm good at and was once passionate about. Maybe the love will come back. Either way, I put myself here, I will get myself out. 
  6. I may need to move back to my daddy's house in Joburg if this current situation doesn't change. 


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