Monday, May 16, 2011


Discovered *not quite* this cute picture of Thithi and Tebz on Saturday and just had to capture it...

It is a huge poster at FNB in Cresta and has copy along the lines of "the story of how you met is so much better" or something like that. I'm not to sure how it fits into FNB or what the campaign is about, but does that really matter when you see such a sweet picture of real love birds (My information may be outdated, so don't hold me to it)

Not sure what the skaftin is about though

Mind you, I almost got into trouble for snapping this ad at the bank; luckily for me the lady behind the counter, who was about to give me tongue lashing, loved the way I speak isiXhosa. Yay. Gave her a quick lesson and she forgave the little indiscretion...

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