Friday, March 19, 2010

#PhotoBooth: 24 Hour Album

The day that will forever be a part of history - a first for South Africa, creatives rocking the flow and racing against the clock. - The 24hr album!

It's not all hard work though, sometimes we gotta let the hair down.

Max Le Guerrilla Grapher hooked up The #Photobooth of some of the people involved...

My new fav earrings - R50 note

Darren - drummer for the band. Earlier they laced some sounds
which Jimmy Flexx and Uno July will be using as one of the 10 tracks

No intro needed, just check out her blog - Urban Mosadi
Akio - One of Cape Town's foremost Hip Hop DJ's on the scene
Mr KIMRADIO = Sizwe Mogale. He's been working hard on uploading
podcasts to Vuzu.TV all through the day
Ayanda aka firstandfourth host of HitTV
Ms Kitsi has been interviewing artists and producers all day
Her posts will up on HitTV soon
Check out more pictures from today - Ill Skillz Pay The Billz

So much fun. So much energy.

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