Monday, April 12, 2010


There are some people in this life who can't help but be sunshine.

My great friend; Refilwe Moloto celebrated her last year of the twenties with friends on the rooftop of Daddy Cool. Sun, Champers, beautiful setting, and lovely food was the order of the day.

(Miss Raff loves prezzies - pic by birthday girl)

Later in the evening we had night caps at Pepenero in Sea Point (i think it's Seapoint)

Introduced the lady to new style G&T (with fresh cucumber) - It's amazing for a lazy Sunday afternon

Refilwe, an amazing, awesome, beautiful, smart, dynamic, insprirational woman truly is a piece of sunshine. It was a brilliant boozy birthday brunch filled with love, laughs and liqs...



  1. Looks like ya'll had fun. That Gin and t looks good right abt now.

  2. you're waaaaay too kind, my darling... and inspired, inspirING people like you are the only reason i want to make an event out of my birthday - to celebrate YOU, and what you contribute to me being me.
    so make sure you take the credit where it's due ;).
    love you, sweetie. xxxx RM.



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