Monday, June 11, 2012

Launches at Great Dane Braamfontein

Last week (or the week before) made my way to the new favourite after dark spot in Braamfontein, Great Dane, two nights in a row. On both nights, album launches were the buzz and brought all the cool kids to the 5cent coin floored yard.

Wednesday - Bhubessi's "Member's only"  mixtape launch. With Siya as MC. Muptee and Boyz in Bucks joined the young Lion on stage.

Thursday - Zaki Ibrahims's "Every Opposite" album launch. I missed that actual launch due and arrived shortly after to only praise and love for the lovely Zaki. I definitely want the album.

Images sources:
Miss Bianca Miles

Weds: I have a thing for lollipops when I don't feel like drinking

Two of my favourite fashion bloggers - Thithi and Milli

Thurs: Me and childhood friend Nandi (

I don't know. 


  1. Who is that miss in the the pic below that of Mo and Mome, the one on the right? Ahhhh! I want that denim and shirt. Simply beautiful.

  2. no idea - friends of Steph (on the left - - in the middle (if i'm not mistaken) is Thando (



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