Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Samthing Soweto

The love I have for this mixtape I found yesterday while trolling Reverbnation is uncontrollable.
It has now been on repeat for hours!

Let me first begin by telling you where to find this little musical heaven of 10 freaking amazing tracks - SAMTHING SOWETO! - 'This n that without Tempo' by Samkelo 

I was caught off guard by my now favourite song "Dreamin of You"  which is a fun and tormented take on falling in love with fantastically beautiful lyrics and awesome beat.
A few listens later I realised that this really is a One man band, an instrument free one man band for the most part with mouth / voice acapella creating melodic bliss. His voice is fantastic and so full of range!

When I later discovered that Samkelo is actually the lead singer of another favourite local band, The Fridge, I knew I was in good hands. Love love love.

This mixtape is the gift that keeps on giving because with every listen I discovered something new and fascinating and beautiful and each listen far exceeds the already high regard of the previous.
Jazzy, rhythmic, poetic, folkie easy listening amazement all together.

I'm not doing the music any justice, so please just go and have a listen 

I'm living on it for a while.


  1. well he's was a lead singer for another rising band currently on a lot peoples lips, THE SOIL! this is talent at its purest, I love his diversity on each song, its just one of those albums you just cannot get over easily and one that you will always go back to as a legendary classic. I am personally going crazy of Tshabalala, its so deeply concious and addictive. I could go on the whole above this new act that is a a true gem to be uplifted as a representative of true South African sound, love love love love .... ... ...

  2. Isn't he (also) with The Fridge - seeing them at Bassline a while ago was when I first fell in love. Amazing talent.

    Tshabala has also become a firm favourite

    1. been on repeat the whole day, eish can't get enough *blushin* preping for the weekend. But you forget to mention where one can get it, I only have a few downloads. Would I get it at any music outlet?

    2. http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1272071



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