Wednesday, June 10, 2009

YFM blurring racial lines...??

I'm not too sure how I feel about this, but there is some hilarity in it. 
Yfm - Jozi's youth radio station is looking for a young, talented white, male, vernac speaking radio presenter.

For as long I've paid attention to station they have catered to a majority black listenership; from the music, to the parties, the topics on air (however weak), the magazine (when it was still around), etc etc - but I guess in the world we live in these things don't necessarily only define being black. 

I'm really looking forward to hearing what this is all about and if the so called blurring of racial lines will work as expected. I certainly wouldn't mind a discussion around this topic and what it means in our society... and why should it be a male?

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Gauteng youth radio station YFM has announced a nationwide search for its next radio star – a young white male. 

The radio station which broadcasts from Rosebank, Johannesburg, currently reaches more than 1,4 million listeners in the greater Gauteng area has been as a springboard for most of the radio stars now dominating the national airwaves: DJs such as Fresh, Phat Joe, Oskido, Bad Boy T, Rude Boy Paul, and DJ Sbu, have all been groomed by the station. 

Says marketing manager Tamaria Motsepe, "In a move bound to attract comment from the race- and gender-sensitive brigade, the station says it “fervently believes in affirmative action” and rejects “tokenism” and is therefore looking for a “hot white boy” to add to its lineup.""

YFM programming manager Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, says “Urban youth culture and the popular lifestyle associated with it attracts a diverse audience. And although still predominantly black, the lifestyle proposition, particularly the music, cannot and should not be categorised along racial lines...We have seen an emergence of young white people who listen to our station and come to our parties.  But the new white DJ will be chosen not just for being white, but because of his unique talent and the ability to connect with our audience,” said Diaho-Monaheng.

He adds that “Applicants will be put to the test on air and will need to be able to hold their own interacting with the station’s robust and predominantly black male audience.”

The new Y DJ must meet the following criteria:

• White Male 
• Age: 18 - 25 
• Must speak vernacular aside from English and Afrikaans. 
• Must give a brief description of why he thinks he suits the YFM market 
• Must give an example of 4 songs he would choose to be on the YFM playlist

All applications must be submitted through YFM’s website


  1. Amazing to finally see that Yfm has realised it needs to grow with the market and start catering for a larger spectrum of listeners.

    The question is whether they are going about this right way?

    If one looks at 5fm, who have several black Djs and are quite mixed, it leaves one cringing to see the line up at Yfm...and mind you, all Djs on 5fm are there on merit - nothing to do with "blurring of colour lines"!

    I have recently started listeing to Yfm again, due to the Saturday show, Siz 'n Scoop - what I call the "Ressurection of Black Radio" - and there is no colour line about it! A really good show, brilliant concept, fresh yet keeps even a brainy "black" sister like me on her toes...and LMBAO!

    But let us only pray that their execution of this will be more successful than their magazine...for their sake.

  2. i dont know man, something doesnt feel right about this request ... When 5fm got DJ fresh they didnt gooi an ad saying they are looking for "Black" presenter. They were looking for a good presenter period ... not a smart approuch at all.

  3. Mmmm... Hee eh! What the hell are they trying to do... I solate us even more than they have? In my view YFM is increasingly becoming confused about what their mission and vision is. They try to innovate, but it all just shoots back as egg in their faces!
    Is it just me or has the station deteriorated into little more than a quasi-campus station sort of thing? Lol. Who runs that place anyways?

  4. Fuck!! Do we always have to be apologetic about practising and celebrating our Black culture. We always have to look up to white people for validation. Like one white girls likes saying this sucks.

    Disclaimer-I do not listen to YFM as I find them highly irritating

  5. Why does it have to be a white MALE?


    I'm pretty sure they're gonna take that wannabe Stevovo who used to be a continuity presenter on SABC 1.

  6. Yfm died a long time ago, if this is their pathetic attempt at ressurection then the situation is worse than I had initially thought.



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